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1602 Character LCD Display 16×2 Green/Blue for Electronics Projects – Available in Lahore, Pakistan

  • Display Format: 16 characters x 2 rows (total 32 characters)
  • Character Size: 5×8 dot matrix (common for basic character formation)
  • Backlight Color: Green/Blue(enhancing readability in various lighting conditions)
  • Interface: Typically parallel interface (common for hobbyist microcontrollers)
  • Control Voltage: Usually operates between 4.7V and 5.3V DC
  • Power Consumption: Low power consumption (around 1mA with no backlight)
  • Display Capability: Shows alphanumeric characters, symbols, and basic custom characters (limited graphical capabilities)
  • Compact Size: Easy integration into various project enclosures
  • User-Friendly: Relatively simple to connect and control using Arduino or other microcontrollers
  • Applications: Ideal for displaying sensor readings, project status, menus, and user interactions in electronic projects

Original price was: ₨ 430.Current price is: ₨ 350.


Bring clear visuals to your electronics projects with this 16×2 character LCD featuring a green backlight! Many stores in Lahore, Pakistan carry this display, including QKZEE Technologies

Control & Compatibility:

        • Clear Character Display: Show alphanumeric characters and symbols on the 16×2 grid (16 characters wide, 2 rows high).
        • Green Backlight: Provides good visibility, even in low-light conditions.
        • Easy Control: Connects to your microcontroller using a parallel interface (common for hobbyist projects).
        • Compact Size: Easily integrates into various project designs without taking up too much space.
        • Versatile Applications: Ideal for displaying sensor data, project status updates, menus, and more in your electronic creations.
Key Features & Specification of 16×2 Character LCD Display:


  • Display Size: 16 characters x 2 rows (16 columns, 2 lines)
  • Character Type: Alphanumeric (uppercase and lowercase letters), numbers, symbols
  • Backlight Color: Green (other backlight colors might be available depending on the store)
  • Interface: Parallel interface (common for hobbyist projects) – Requires multiple data lines for communication with the microcontroller.
  • Power Supply: Typically operates on 5V DC (verify voltage requirements before purchase)
  • View Angle: Limited viewing angle (characters might be less visible from extreme angles)
  • Control: Uses a set of commands to control character display, cursor position, and other functionalities.
  • Compact Design: Small footprint for easy integration into projects




  • Adjustable Backlight Contrast: Control the brightness of the backlight for better visibility in different lighting conditions.
  • Pre-soldered Headers: Simplify the connection process by eliminating the need for soldering headers yourself.
  • Blue Backlight Option: Some stores might offer the same display with a blue backlight instead of green.

Why Choose QKZEE Technologies?

  • Price Comparison: Check prices at different stores, including QKZEE Technologies (if they carry it) to find the best deal.
  • Technical Specifications: Ensure the display is compatible with your microcontroller and matches your project’s voltage requirements.
  • Additional Features: Some displays might offer features like backlight adjustability or pre-soldered headers.

With its clear visuals and user-friendly design, this 16×2 character LCD display is a great way to enhance the user experience of your electronics projects!

16x2-lcd-display-Products-qkzee-technologies.1602 Character LCD Display 16×2 Green/Blue for Electronics Projects – Available in Lahore, Pakistan
Original price was: ₨ 430.Current price is: ₨ 350.Select options
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