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Unleash Your Creativity: Arduino Uno R3 - Your Robotics Playground

Imagine turning your ideas into reality – building robots, controlling lights, and creating wonders with electronics. The Arduino Uno R3 DIP ATmega328 makes it possible! This user-friendly board is your gateway to the exciting world of:

  • Microcontroller Mania: The ATmega328P chip at its heart is the brain of your project.
  • Programming Playground: Learn Arduino programming to command your creations.
  • Sensor Savvy: Connect sensors to gather data and make your projects interactive.
  • Motor Marvels: Control motors to build robots, automate tasks, and bring your inventions to life.

Key Features (specifications) to Spark Your Imagination:

  • Compact & Colorful: A beginner-friendly size (size may vary) with a classic blue PCB and black headers.
  • Power Up Your Projects: Operates on 5V with various power options (USB or DC jack).
  • Digital & Analog Inputs/Outputs (I/O): Connect LEDs, motors, and sensors (14 digital, 6 analog).
  • Memory Muscle: Flash memory (32KB), SRAM (2KB), and EEPROM (1KB) for storing your code.
  • Communication Champion: USB for programming and power, and ICSP header for advanced customization.

Perfect for:

  • University & School Projects: Ideal for students in Lahore (final year, semester, DLD, science fairs) to explore robotics, automation, physics, and more.
  • Creative Control Systems: Build robots, control lights and motors, and bring your IoT dreams to life.
  • Endless Learning: A versatile platform for students to master Arduino programming and electronics fundamentals.

Advanced Features:

  • DIP Form Factor: Replaceable ATmega328P chip for extended use.
  • R3 Revision: Enhanced USB communication and wider OS compatibility.

Find Your Arduino Uno R3 in Lahore:

Head to the bustling shops of Hall Road or explore online retailers like Qkzee Technologies.


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