Sonic Muhafiz Switch automatic digital Protection Voltage Protector for LED TV Fridge Laptops

₨570 ₨480

  • Voltage 180to 260 V AC
  • Under-voltage Trip 175V AC
  • Over-voltage Trip 260V AC
  • Maximum¬† 5 amp
  • Digital Automatic Voltage Protector
  • Easy To Install
  • High Quality


Voltage Protector for LED TV / Laptops/ Wifi devices etc .This Automatic Protector to the Load (LED TV etc.) as long as the line voltages remain between 175V and 260V. In case the line voltage falls below 175V or Above 260V, the supply will be cut-off.This Digital Protector will automatically resume supply to the load once the line volts are normal(175V to 260V) with10 seconds of time.


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