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Servo Motor Tester Digital CCPM Consistency Master 3 Channel Mode ESC Servo Motor Tester

₨310 ₨290

(1) Output: 15mA (5.0)

(2) Input: DC 4.2-6.0v

(3) Output Signal: 1.5ms ± 0.5ms

(4) Size: 46 * 32 * 17MM

(5) Adjustment: manual, automatic, and the median.



Servo Motor Tester 3 Channel Multi Servo Tester Consistency Speed Controller Power Channels CCPM : CCPM Servo Consistency Master/Servo tester. The device also can be used as a signal generator for electric speed controller (ESC), then you can test your motor system without using a transmitter and receiver. There are 3 modes to check servos or ESC: Manual mode: turn the knob with different speed, check the reaction time. Neutral mode: make the servo go back to the neutral point. Automatic window wiper mode: make the servo swing like a window wipers in the biggest angle. It can connect 1-3 servos simultaneously and test such as 1-3 servos consistency and so on. You can also connect 1-3 ESC to test and compare their reaction time respectively. It can connect 3 servos of the CCPM helicopters and select servos. It can also connect the servo of airplanes install the steering-box and adjust planes by using such as the neutral mode and so on.

  • The ability to easily detect and configure the server\’s virtual spaces, jitter and median.
  • Can be connected to two servos or ESC; MCU control, good stability and high accuracy.
  • Turn the knob, steering can be detected.If you connect electronic governor (brush or brushless available), you can get rid of remote control devices for manual speed control, used to test tone.
  • Speed or motor performance is very practical, no longer cumbersome to connect the remote and the receiver.
  • It is equivalent to a “hand.Moving receiver “function, analog transmitters to play through the rudder kno.


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