PS-1502DD 0-15V 0-2A Adjustable DC Power Supply in Pakistan

₨2300 ₨2200

Brand Name: YAXUN
Model Number: 1502DD
Output Type: Single
Input Voltage: 220V
Output Voltage: 0-15V
Output Frequency: 50Hz
Output Current: 0.6-2A


PS-1502DD High-precision DC stabilized voltage source. The CED for military double display. And using the latest design concept and new types of electronic circuits to achieve superior performance 0-1, 5 v 2 a output can be adjusted to protect the flow cut-off time delay type and protection circuit, restrict the highest output current short circuit and over current of load control in time, avoids fault electronics to damage.

Can also be used as a quick charger of mobile phone battery, will not damage the lithium battery.


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