Peltier Module TEC1-12715 Thermoelectric Cooler

₨650 ₨630

Size 50x50x3.9mm (WxDxH)
Imax 15.6A
Vmax 15.4V
Qmax (ΔT =0) 150 W ΔT max. = 68°C

Type Peltier elemen: TEC (Thermoelectric cooler)
Design: Without silicone sealed
Max. Temperature 138°C
Max. Voltage 15.4V
Max. Current 15.6A
Resistance 0.8 Ohm
Qmax. Delta T=0 150W
Delta T max. 68°C
P-N Junction 127 couples
Material Al2O3 (aluminum oxide)
Wire Size 20AWG
Wire length 200mm
Wire Insulation Material Teflon
Weight 50g
Size 50x50x3.9mm
Manufacturer PN TEC1-12715


Peltier Module 12715
Peltier Module 12715


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