NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi Module for Arduino in Pakistan

₨550 ₨500

  • Low-cost WiFi solution programmable with the Lua scripting language
  • On-board Silicon Labs CP2102 USB-serial adaptor
  • PCB antennae (no external antenna required)
  • 10 GPIO pins
  • Bread-board compatible
  • Powered via microB USB



The NodeMCU is an open-source Lua-based development kit with on-board ESP8266 WiFi module that helps you to prototype your IoT projects.

The module is pre-loaded with NodeMCU a Lua-based ESP8266 firmware. It is designed to plug straight into any breadboard for quick and easy prototyping.

he ESP8266 Series is a very special one, the actual units are small and not overly easy to control in their standard form, with a 2mm pin pitch, this breakout allows access to all pins and also has an onboard USB/Serial chip with the reset logic circuitry to allow for automatic programming from an IDE. ESP8266’s Support many firmwares, including AT, NodeMCU Lua interpreter, BASIC interpreters and also you can program them directly from the Arduino IDE. 80/160MHz Microcontroller, WiFi built in with some cryptographic functions also. Various common interfaces also on this Microcontroller, can also be used just for its WiFi ability by another Microcontroller, but it is more than powerful enough to do both duties at the same time. PERFECT for IoT, it can send data straight to the cloud.



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