Low Price Piezo 5v to 12v DC Buzzer Continuous Beep in Pakistan

₨25 ₨20

Piezo Buzzer:  Continuous Beep

PCB mountable:  Pin Type

Operating voltage: 5-12 V

Height:     9 mm

Diameter: 11.8 mm

Pitch:        7.62 mm  (0.3″)


Piezo 5∼12 v Buzzer Continuous Beep in Pakistan

Rated voltage: 5V
Operating voltage: 5∼12V
Max rated current: 40mA
Coil rated current: 50+/-5 ohms
Coil impedance: 110 ohms
Min sound pressure level: 85dB/10cm
Resonant frequency: 2048Hz
Operating temperature: -20 to +70°C
Weight: 7g


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