Resistive Flex Sensor 4.5 ” B ending for Arduino in Pakistan

₨2800 ₨2500

  • Operating  voltage of FLEX SENSOR: 0-5V
  • Can operate on LOW voltages
  • Power rating : 0.5Watt (continuous), 1 Watt (peak)
  • Life: 1 million
  • Operating temperature: -45ºC to +80ºC
  • Flat Resistance: 25K Ω
  • Resistance Tolerance: ±30%
  • Bend Resistance Range: 45K to 125K Ohms(depending on bend)


Automotive controls
Medical devices
Industrial controls
Computer peripherals
Fitness products
Musical instruments
Measuring devices
Virtual reality games
Consumer products
Physical therapy

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Flex sensors are usually available in two sizes. One is 2.2 inch and another is 4.5 inch. Although the sizes are different the basic function remains the same. They are also divided based on resistance. There are LOW resistance, MEDIUM resistance and HIGH resistance types. Choose the appropriate type depending on requirement.


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