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DC 12V to AC 110V 220V AC converter kit 100W Inverter Boost Board

₨420 ₨350

Power: 100W
Input: DC12V
Output: 0-110-220V
Static no-load current: about 0.1A
Output frequency waveform: about 15KHZ.high frequency square wave
Protection: No (Please pay attention to wiring)


The product should be widely, the product has high energy efficiency, long life, low power consumption, easy to use safe, energy efficient and durable, is the field, night camp, night market traders, traffic emergency power hello emergency helper. Manufacturers supporting the cabinet products and so on.
Can also use the electrical: non-inductive household appliances only, lamps, electric iron, set-top boxes, chargers, specify: support all “electronic products”) such as “energy saving lamp \ solder \ switch power \ satellite TV receiver \ LED lights \ LED energy saving lights \ electronic fluorescent \ DVD machine \ VCD machine \ EVD machine \ LCD TV \ and so on
1) This board has high frequency square wave AC output, so it can not drive inductive electric devices (such as motor, fan, resistor capacitor volt step-down units, small LED lights, etc)
2) When connected to small loads (phone chargers, DVD, etc), we recommend conect to lower voltage output, like 100V.
3) For continuous long working condition, 80% running efficiency of switch power supply is recommended.
4) Powe supply can not connect reverse.The power and the power cord must have enough current.
5) There is no any protection, No overload, No shorted at the output
6) Because the output is high frequency square wave AC output.the constant multimeter can not measure or the Measured value will higher and lower.


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