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56 Eggs Automatic Egg Turning Tray Tool With Motor Egg Hatching Machine Egg Tray With Egg-Turning Motor in Lahore Pakistan

₨2750 ₨2250

Voltage: 220V motor
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 43 * 41.5 * 4.6 cm/ 16.92* 16.33 * 1.81 in
Color: Yellow
Number of eggs: 56
Uses: Incubator accessories
Motor parameters:
1. AC: 220V (2.5 / 3r / min)


This tray will fit for Janoel JN8-56 or a similar type of incubator. The Universal tray can house:56 Quail eggs or 56 Chicken size eggs and all sized eggs. Automatic turning motor does a full rotation every 2 hours depending on the settings of the controller in your incubator. Made from a durable material that enables you to keep the egg tray clean and bacteria free for years of problem-free incubation of your valuable eggs.


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