2WD Robot Smart Car Chassis Kits with Speed Encoder for Arduino in Pakistan

₨750 ₨630

Motor voltage:       3V to 6V

Supported:         Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other Micro-controllers

Size:                    approx. 20 x 14cm(L x W)

Wheel Size:          6.5cm (Dia.) x 2.7cm (H)

DC Motors:           2X with speed encoders


DC 3V to 6V 2 wheel Robot Smart Car Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder for Arduino. Mechanical structure is simple, very easy to install .

Includes 2 x motors, 2 x speed encoders, battery box and various nuts, bolts & motor wires.

Very sturdy base for many types of robotic projects.

The car comes with tachometer encoder Uses four deceleration direct current machine curve to be nimble, the directive is good.

Motor Specification

Voltage:                      3V to 6V  DC
Current:                      120mA
Reduction rate:           48:1
RPM with Tyre:            240
Tyre diameter:             66mm
Motor weight:              50g
Motor size:                   70mm*22mm*18mm
Item Weight:                635 g
Package Dimensions:  27.7 x 16.3 x 5.6 cm


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